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Devin Robinson puts out a strong last impression in Wizards’ win over Long-Lions

Devin Robinson had a field day against the Guangzhou Long Lions on friday, scoring 23 points, many of the off of dunks. It wasn’t the fact that he dunked that made his performance impressive. Robinson showed off his athleticism in full force to put on a clinic.

The Long-Lions didn’t have the personnel to stop him from dunking again and again. Making dunks wasn’t the only thing that Robinson showed on Friday. He also showed good passing instincts though he dished just one assist.

Robinson will not spend much time with the Wizards this season because he’s on a two way contract. He will spend most of his time with the Capital City Go-Go in their inaugural season. Still, it will be fun to see Robinson do his thing this season when his number is called. He probably won’t shoot 9-of-11 or dunk five times again for awhile. But he certainly made a case as to why he should spend more time in the NBA this season.