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Kelly Oubre got a customized pair of Supreme sneakers because of course

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It’s no secret Kelly Oubre is a big fan of the clothing brand Supreme. If you go through his Instagram page, you can often see him wearing clothes from the brand.

Last month, he wore a Supreme-branded leg sleeve during a game against the Nets, only to have the league ask him to take it off after wearing it during the first quarter because it wasn’t NBA approved apparel.

Well, it looks like Oubre may have figured out a workaround to show off his Supreme love, by getting a custom pair Adidas Harden vol. 1 made with the logo all over it.

Regardless of how you might feel about Oubre’s love of Supreme or going to these lengths to show it off, you have to respect the design that went into these shoes which is detailed in the video below:

@kellyoubrejr Time to get Wavey #teamkickstradomis #supreme

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Kickstradomis has also designed shoes for Hassan Whiteside, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Mario Hezonja, among others.

It’s unclear if Oubre will try to break these out during a game or save them for other occasions, but knowing that he can break these out at any given point keeps things exciting and unpredictable, which is extremely on-brand.