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Podcast: What the Wizards should and should not do at the trade deadline

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In this episode, which was recorded prior to the news about John Wall’s knee procedure, Jake Whitacre and Alan Jenkins discuss how John Wall’s recent knee issues should affect the team’s approach moving forward and what kind of trades the team should target as they approach the 2018 NBA Trade Deadline.

As part of the discussion, they discussed the following hypothetical trades:

WIZARDS GET - Tyreke Evans, James Ennis
GRIZZLIES GET - Washington’s 2018 1st round pick, Jason Smith, Jodie Meeks, Chris McCullough, and Sheldon Mac
(via the Dunc’d On Podcast)

WIZARDS GET - Alec Burks, Royce O’Neale
JAZZ GET - Washington’s 2018 1st round pick, Marcin Gortat
(via The Ringer)

WIZARDS GET - Troy Daniels
SUNS GET - Washington’s 2018 2nd round pick, Jason Smith, Jodie Meeks

WIZARDS GET - Nikola Mirotic, Quincy Pondexter
BULLS GET - Washington’s 2018 1st round pick, Markieff Morris, Jason Smith

UPDATE: Scratch that. Mirotic is headed to New Orleans. UPDATE 2: Scratch the first update. Mirotic is staying in Chicago for now.

WIZARDS GET - DeAndre Jordan
CLIPPERS GET - Washington’s 2018 first round pick, Marcin Gortat, Jason Smith, and one of the following: Washington’s 2018 second round pick, Kelly Oubre, or Washington’s 2020 first round pick


WIZARDS GET - Whichever 2018 first round pick the 76ers do not convey to Boston in the Markelle Fultz trade, Richuan Holmes, J.J. Redick, and Amir Johnson
76ERS GET - Bradley Beal, Ian Mahinmi

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