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Wizards vs. Nets GameThread: Last minute tunes from Poles in Poland and Europe

Okay, after several days of preview pieces, it’s FINALLY Polish Heritage Night!

As we count down the final minutes until the Wizards play the Nets, here are some songs to listen to Poles from Poland and other countries nearby in the European Union.

What’s the music video above?

The video is “Echo” by Polish rapper KaeN featuring Ewa Farna, a Czech singer of Polish heritage -- she’s singing in Polish here obviously. KaeN has rapped since at least 2000, but his first BIG hit is the song above.

I’m taking bets that this isn’t just Marcin’s tune. It’s also Tomas Satoransky’s because Farna is popular in his neck of the woods!

If you’re an Ewa Farna fan, here is “Bumerang” (Boomerang) which was a Top 10 hit in Polska!

Farna also released a Czech version of the same song. JUST FOR YOU TOMAS!

What’s the top pop song in Poland right now from an artist that sings or raps in Polish?

According to Shazam, Enej’s “Zagubiony” (Lost) is the top song in that respect.

Also, Ania Dabrowska’s “Z Tobą nie umiem wygrać” (I Cannot Win With You) was the last Polish song to rank number one in their charts. It’s also the top ranked Polish language song in their charts:

Isn’t there a rapper who goes by the name “Mr. Polska?”

Yes, but he’s not famous in Poland.

We did talk about Mr. Polska (Dominik Włodzimierz Groot) a little last year. But he doesn’t sing in Polish. Mr. Polska is Polish born, but he was raised in the Netherlands. Needless to say, Mr. Polska sings or raps most of his songs in Dutch, so he’s better known in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Antwerp, and Ieper than cities like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Torun, Oswiecim, and Lodz.

But for your listening pleasure, this is his latest hit in the Benelux called “Hop Hop Hop” with Lil’ Kleine, another popular Dutch rapper (NSFW lyrics in Dutch):

Mr. Polska may be the most notable person of Polish heritage in the Benelux after Donald Tusk and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

But at Bullets Forever, Marcin Gortat is OUR Mr. Polska.

Naprzód Wizards!