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John Wall’s new Instagram post is all the motivation Wizards fans need this season

Look, life isn’t always great as a Wizards fan. We haven’t even gotten through training camp and we’ve already got Markieff Morris sidelined with hernia surgery, and Tim Frazier sidelined with a groin strain.

But on the other hand, there’s still John Wall who always keeps it 100 on Instagram:

UPDATE: It looks like Wall changed his original caption. You can read it here:

It’s a little odd that Wall is calling out players for teaming up considering he was advocating for a trade that would bring Paul George to Washington this summer. At the same time, trying to work out a trade is a bit more organic than forcing a buyout like Dwyane Wade. Perhaps Wall sees that as a notable difference. Or maybe he’s just mad that no stars wanted to join with a team on the rise that narrowly missed out on making the Eastern Conference Finals.

Regardless, Wall and Beal have always been great at using slights and disrespect to motivate themselves, so it’s good to see they’re already hyping themselves up before the preseason. Hopefully it leads to better and brighter things season, even as more of the league’s stars try to take shortcuts to the top.