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Ed Sheeran wore a Bradley Beal jersey during his concert in DC on Tuesday

Ed Sheeran performed at Capital One Arena on Tuesday night, and like many performers before him, he decided to rep the local team during his performance:

But interestingly, Sheeran didn’t go with John Wall’s jersey. Instead, he went with Bradley Beal, which seems like an interesting call until you examine some of his other recent concerts.

He wore a Kevin Love jersey in Cleveland, a Yogi Ferrell jersey in Dallas, and what appears to be a Garrett Temple jersey in Sacramento. It sure seems he’s trying to attach his brand to players who aren’t quite the starts, but still play an important role on the team, which is ... one way to do it, we suppose.

Regardless of what you think of Sheeran’s choice, it clearly earned Beal’s respect:

There’s still no word on if Sheeran plans on making a surprise cameo with the Wizards this season, but if he does, let’s hope his outside shot is useful.