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Public service announcement: Wizards basketball is right around the corner

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Did you feel a weird tingle go through your body this morning? Well folks, that wasn’t a late September chill in the air, that’s your body starting to tell you to get ready for another season of Wizards basketball.

Washington kicks off preseason action two weeks from now, and they’ll be playing their first regular season game one month from today.

There’s a lot to get ready between now and then, so here’s a checklist to help you get prepped for what could be a very exciting season of Wizards basketball:

  • Start wrapping up whatever hobbies you picked up over the summer. We all need stuff to pass the time when basketball is not on the airwaves, but now that it’s close to being back in our lives, it’s time to let that stuff go. It doesn’t matter if the baseball playoffs are right around the corner, or if you’re almost done with that novel you started writing, you gotta cut the non-essentials out of your life now or else you’ll just make things more painful later. All that stuff will be there waiting for you next summer.
  • Figure out your setup. Whether you’re watching games in person or from your home, you’re going to be spending a lot of time over the next few months sitting and watching other people do athletic stuff. Make them good hours. Invest in your comfort. Your body will thank you later.
  • Get your GIFs ready. You have time to prep, so don’t use the same tired Game of Thrones and Rick & Morty GIFs everyone else is using. Dig into the archives a bit and find some stuff no one else is using. Be the life of the party on the internet this year.
  • Get your takes on the rest of the league ready. It was a fairly quiet summer for the Wizards, but it was pretty hectic around the rest of the league. There was a lot of player movement throughout the league, including the big deal between Cleveland and Boston. In order to fully understand your own team, you have to have an understanding of where the rest of the league stands as well.
  • Get healthy snacks. You’re gonna stress eat at some point during the season. It’s better to plan ahead so you can eat something that won’t wreck your body.
  • Remember the good times. When things get rough, just remember this happened and try not to think about anything other than the pure bliss of this moment.