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Game 4 of Mystics - Lynx series to be held at McDonough Arena, if necessary

Utah v Georgetown Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The Mystics are in a tight spot as they prepare for Game 2 of their series with the Minnesota Lynx after losing by 20 in Game 1. However, if they can push the best-of-five series to a fourth game, they’ll be in an even tighter spot for Game 4.

The team announced Thursday afternoon if the series goes to a fourth game on September 19, it will be hosted at McDonough Arena because Capital One Arena is booked the night of the game due to an Ed Sheeran concert.

McDonough Arena, located on Georgetown’s campus, only seats 2,500 so it’s not the ideal spot to host a potentially crucial playoff game. But according to Ava Wallace of the Washington Post, the team wasn’t able to find a bigger venue for the game:

Who knows, perhaps the unique environment could spur the Mystics on, similar to how George Mason responded when they won a postseason tournament game at their rec complex due to a scheduling conflict back in 2013. If nothing else, it should serve as preparation for what it will be like when the Mystics move into their new facility in 2018, which will only seat 4,200 people.

Either way, playing Game 4 at McDonough beats seeing the season end in Game 3 at Capital One Arena, so here’s to hoping we get to see the Mystics at the new venue.