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Czech Republic vs. Romania final score: Satoransky gets a double double in 83-68 win

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Czech Republic won 83-68 in their first game in EuroBasket 2017 Group D play over Romania. Tomas Satoransky scored 20 points in the win and even got a nice slam dunk in the second quarter. Satoransky also added 13 rebounds and six assists for the Czechs, so he had a nice start to his EuroBasket performance.

The Romanians kept this game close throughout the first half and had the benefit of homecourt advantage. However, the talent disparity between the two sides began to show in the third quarter when the Czechs went on a 10-0 run to begin the period. From there, the Romanians never threatened again.

On Saturday, the Czech Republic will take on Spain, the defending EuroBasket champions at about 10:45 a.m. ET. This was a good start for the Czech Republic, but they’ll need a stronger start in order to position themselves for a possible upset.

P.S. This game had some major D.C. area storylines in it because they played former George Mason/American player Vlad Moldoveanu of Romania who scored 24 points and grabbed 8 rebounds in the loss. Also, with this game being played in Cluj, it’s close to former Wizards star Gheorge Muresan’s hometown and Romania is Ernie Grunfeld’s birth country as well.