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John Wall is not a fan of his 90 rating in NBA 2K18

After making All-NBA and getting a fat contract extension this summer, it’s getting harder for John Wall to find chips to put on his shoulder, but it looks like he’ll have a new one this season thanks to NBA 2K.

Last week, 2K announced John Wall will start the season with a 90 rating:

2K has only announced a few ratings so far (which you can find here) but he rates fairly well. He has a higher rating than Damian Lillard and Isaiah Thomas, and he’s tied with Kyrie Irving. The only point guard who has been listed with a higher rating so far is Steph Curry.

Still, that wasn’t enough to satisfy Wall, who took out his displeasure on Ronnie Singh of 2K Sports:

The exchange all seems to be in good fun, but should serve as a reminder Wall’s recent success hasn’t made him content. Between stuff like this and working out like a madman this summer, it’s clear his recent success hasn’t changed who he is, and that’s good news for the Wizards.

That said, can we please get John Wall on a video game cover? Pretty much every other star guard has gotten a video game cover in their career besides Wall. Steph Curry and James Harden were on NBA 2K16, Irving was on NBA Live 14 and he’s on the new NBA 2K18, Russell Westbrook has been on the last two NBA Lives, Damian Lillard was on NBA Live 15, and Chris Paul was on NBA 2K back during his Hornets days. If he can’t get a shoe deal, he should at least be able to get on a video game cover.