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Wizards stick with same designs for new Nike jerseys, will not bring back stars & stripes jersey next season

The Washington Wizards unveiled two of their new Nike uniforms on Thursday, and well, they’re the same white and red uniforms the team had last season, but with Nike logos now!

It’s unclear which of these uniforms will be used at home and which will be used for the road. The team did include descriptions for the “Association” white version and “Icon” red version that do give us a glimpse into what the jerseys represent.

Here’s the description for the Association look:

The Association Edition uniform pays homage to one of the most exclusive clubs in basketball. Every year approximately 400 players earn the right to put on the NBA uniform. The one thing that every team has in common is the white uniform that represents the association.

And the Icon look:

The Icon Edition uniform represents each of the unique franchises. Each team has its own identity, one that separates them from the other 29 franchises in the league. This edition pays tribute to the iconic nature of each franchise in the league.

Your guess is as good as mine here. Those are both vague descriptions that don’t really give us any insight into what will be worn when, but we do know that the Icon look is supposed to be a more unique look for the team. Do you want to look unique at home or on the road? That’s the question.

These are the only uniforms we’ve seen to this point. It isn’t the splash we were expecting, but there’s more to come from the team. The organization has heard complaints about fans being unable to buy stars and stripes jerseys, so maybe we’ll see something similar moving forward on their Community or Athlete’s Mindset editions.

UPDATE: Scott Allen of the Washington Post is reporting the Wizards have confirmed the stars & stripes jersey from last season will not be back next season.