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NBA 2K18 releases roster for Wizards All-Time Team, sneak peek of how they’ll look in the game

Earlier this month, NBA 2K announced that NBA 2K18 would feature an all-time team for each NBA franchise, leading to lots of fun debate over who should make the final roster.

On Thursday, they released a trailer about the new feature:

As you’d expect, they don’t devote a lot of time to the Wizards in the trailer, but you can definitely pick out a few players who are on the team during the video.

Here, you can see Earl Monroe guarding Jason Kidd:

After Kidd shakes Monroe off, if you pay close attention the guy on the low block appears to be wearing #41, which would of course be Wes Unseld. Later on in the trailer, you get a better glimpse at Unseld and a really good look at Bernard King:

UPDATE: NBA 2K has released the full rosters for each team. Here’s what the Wizards roster looks like:

John Wall – 90 (Starter)

Earl Monroe – 87 (Starter)

Bernard King – 86 (Starter)

Elvin Hayes – 95 (Starter)

Wes Unseld – 94 (Starter)

Bradley Beal – 87

Chris Webber – 87

Rod Strickland – 86

Larry Hughes - 86

Rex Chapman – 85

Richard Hamilton – 84

Gheorghe Muresan – 84

Manute Bol – 82

Marcin Gortat – 82

Otto Porter – 81

It’s sad that we won’t get to see any of the Big 3 from the 2000’s in this one, which appears to be due to licensing, rather than thinking they weren’t good enough to make the cut. Still, playing a two-big lineup with Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol will be fun, and reuniting Rod Strickland and Chris Webber will be fun as we