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John Wall shows out in charity game against Chris Paul and James Harden

This is the year of John Wall. He’s been going at the best players in the league this summer in casual runs, and now he can add James Harden and Chris Paul to that list.

Wall took a quick trip down to Houston to play in Harden’s local charity game over the weekend. Clint Capela, DeMar DeRozan, Marcus Morris and Paul also made appearances. The Rockets’ new backcourt was supposed to be the highlight, but Wall took his time picking on both of them. (Videos via Ball is Life)

First, he hit a jumper over Harden.

Chris Paul, step up here. You can get this work, too.

Of course, they’d get him back. Harden hit a three in Wall’s face later on and then Wall came down and missed a jumper on the other end. But, in true street ball fashion, the two couldn’t stop going at each other.

Harden tried to drive by Wall but got clamped. Wall stripped him, but OF COURSE someone called a foul. In an pro-am game. There was a foul called in a pro-am game. Sure. (Video via Stanford KP).

Either way, it was all a good time. It’s great to see Wall hooping with the best players in the game this offseason. We can add Harden and Paul to a list that continues to grow.

Last week, Wall was working out and running with LeBron James in Miami.

Before that, he was spotted hitting jump shots in Kyrie Irving’s grill with a few other NBAers in a casual game of pick up. (Video via Hoop District)

This summer Wall has been living his best life. He just signed a massive extension keeping him in Washington until 2024 He’s working out and dishing crazy no-look passes one minute and then handing out local assists with backpacks the next.

These things won’t really matter once the real basketball starts, but it sure is fun to see Wall having a great time traveling around training with and dominating other NBA players.