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The Wizards will unveil their new Nike uniforms on Thursday

There has been a ton of speculation and excitement surrounding the Wizards’ new Nike jersey unveil. Thursday, all questions will be answered.

The Wizards are unveiling their new Thursday Thursday. The organization took to Twitter to give a bit of a tease before the release.

Here are some things to keep in mind before the uniforms are released.

The team will have four different styles to choose from every night

As you can see, they have some sort of navy blue, red and white ensemble going on with that particular uniform featured in the tweet. But there will be four different versions the team can choose from on a nightly basis.

The league is ditching the idea of traditional “home” and “away” uniforms. Gone are the days where a team would wear white at home and a dark ensemble on the road — things are fluid now.

The team will have an “Icon” version, an “Association” version, a “Community” version and “The Athlete’s Mindset” version. We don’t know which one will be designated as the primary home or away jersey at this point.

The Bulls are the only team so far that has announced they’ll be wearing dark colors as their primary home uniforms and a white color scheme on the road. The Wizards could do the same, but we may not get that announcement Thursday. That could be a decision they make later on.

The team still doesn’t have a jersey sponsor

Every team is going to have an official jersey sponsor for a 2.5-inch-by-2.5-inch patch on their uniforms next season. The Wizards still don’t have one yet.

The patch will be featured on the team’s uniforms in games throughout the season. But if you’re not into sponsors on your jersey, you don’t have to worry — the league isn’t putting sponsor logos on jerseys purchased by fans.

The Wizards still have plenty of time before they have to choose a sponsor. We’ll keep you in the loop with any information we have when the time comes.

UPDATE: The Wizards gave us a glimpse at another color this morning that looks like it has a red base.

Keep in mind that we don’t know what their home or away uniforms are or what these really look like, so lets not make any assumptions. These two pictures could even be the same uniform. We’ll find out soon enough.