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Marcin Gortat asks Polish media to stop writing lies about Alicja Bachledy-Curuś

Marcin Gortat has spent the bulk of his summer in his native Poland. Along the way, he’s also been seen a lot with actress Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, who starred in movies like Trade in 2007 and Ondine in 2009. In fact, she was at Polish Heritage Night at the building formerly known as Verizon Center last winter.

Apparently, the Polish tabloids have kept a close eye on the two because they’ve been together at many events this past summer. They’ve been friends for quite some time. And depending on what publication you read, there are rumors about the two being a couple. And from there, the media’s talking about them considering a permanent move to Poland in the future, and other things about Bachleda-Curuś. Some of those things surround child support for Bachleda-Curus’ son, whose father is actor Colin Farrell.

At some point, celebrities don’t want to hear rumors about themselves or their friends. So this is what Gortat posted this last weekend:

The message was in Polish, so here is a translation of that through Google Translate:

Today I have to use Instagram to verify the complete lies that are written about a person close to me. He respects Alicja's distance @alicjabc to the cause but slander and media outlets have crossed the boundaries of good taste and also hit my person! The lack of journalistic integrity has made us judicious in court. This also includes further articles. #polandFinest #poland

Obviously, Google Translate doesn’t always provide the best context, so here’s a TL;dr version of it. Gortat retweeted this himself, so this provides the gist of what he said quite nicely:

The main takeaway I get from Gortat’s summer is this. He’s certainly a famous guy in the Washington area and in the USA, but even moreso in Poland. And gossip, especially if it’s unsubstantiated, is just not cool.