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The Mystics and Fever dance off during a rain delay

Yes. This happened. Again.

The Mystics already postponed one game earlier this season because of a leaking roof at the building formerly known as Verizon Center on July 28 when they were scheduled to play the Connecticut Sun when a major rainstorm went through Washington that day. That leak was fixed.

But it looks like there were more.

A severe thunderstorm went through the Washington area on Saturday night during the second quarter of their game against the Fever. Just take a look at the radar when the storm was closing in:

Severe thunderstorms caused delays at Nationals Park and RFK Stadium where the Nationals and D.C. United both hosted games.

Washington Post Nationals reporter (and former Wizards beat reporter) Jorge Castillo tweeted this picture before hell broke loose from the sky:

And it sure as hell did! The pitch at RFK was flooded to the point where D.C. United had to postpone their game against Real Salt Lake:

The Nationals did start their game against the San Francisco Giants after a three hour rain delay. But Washington superstar Bryce Harper had an apparent knee injury when his left leg slipped on first base.

So, that brings me to the Mystics and more specifically, the building now known as Capital One Arena. The Mystics are a basketball team and play indoors. So, I was appalled to find out that there were more leaks coming from the roof. Some drops fell on fans in the stands. And some more drops fell near one of the baselines and forced another delay!

Both the Mystics and Fever could have decided to just go back to the locker room right then and there. Instead, they put on a dance show for the fans. You can see Allison Hightower do the Tootsie Roll in the video above, see them get in the mood to dance below:

And see Ivory Latta bust some moves below here:

and check out Frank Hanrahan and Christy Winters-Scott analyzing their moves in this clip below:

Though the teams both had a lighthearted moment during the dance off, they did return to the locker rooms for at least 20 minutes before starting the second half.

I’m not pleased that the arena is still experiencing these issues, which stretch back to 2014 during a Wizards game. This is unacceptable to the fans and players. However, I’m also happy to see that players on both teams made the most of an unfortunate situation. I’m also happy to see that no one was hurt.

P.S.: Now if only the Mystics still had Stefanie Dolson to bust out her moves on the dance floor. I still remember her duel vs. G-Wiz like it was just yesterday.