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NBA Free Agency: Kings no longer have cap space to offer Otto Porter a max deal after signing George Hill, Zach Randolph

NBA: Utah Jazz at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Otto Porter’s market in free agency may have just taken a turn in Washington’s favor.

According to multiple reports, the Kings have signed George Hill to a three year, $57 million deal and Zach Randolph to a two year, $24 million deal.

The Kings now only have $18 million left to spend in free agency. That leaves them $6.7 million short of what they would need to sign Otto Porter to the max offer sheet they reportedly offered during their meeting on Sunday.

As of now, it’s unclear why the Kings decided to back away from offering Porter a max deal. Most likely, they were concerned the Wizards would match the Kings’ offer and other free agents (like Hill and Randolph) would sign with other teams during the two day window in which Kings’ space was frozen while waiting for Washingto to make a decision.

It’s also possible the Kings could have felt Porter would be more likely to sign an offer sheet with another team. On Sunday, it was reported Porter planned on meeting with two other teams before deciding on a deal, though it was unclear who those teams were.

Now that the Kings are off the board, there are not many teams left who could make Porter an offer. Brooklyn seems like the most obvious candidate, but there are other teams who could step as well, including the Hawks, Bulls, Suns, and possibly whichever two teams miss out on the Gordon Hayward sweepstakes.