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Podcast: Reviewing the Wizards’ offseason and where the team goes from here

In this episode, Jake Whitacre and Tony East review a quiet, but important offseason for the Wizards. Specifically, they take a look at the curious timing of John Wall’s supermax extension, Otto Porter’s max deal, and the free agent signings of Jodie Meeks and Mike Scott.

Later on in the show, they take a look at what the team can do to improve now that they’re locked into a very expensive core for the foreseeable future. As you would probably expect, a lot of that discussion hinges on Kelly Oubre’s development as a trade chip and if there’s any chance he could be flipped for DeMarcus Cousins, BECAUSE IT’S NOT A BULLETS FOREVER PODCAST UNLESS WE TALK ABOUT DEMARCUS COUSINS.

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