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Otto Porter and Daniel Ochefu are at Marcin Gortat’s 2017 summer camp in Poland

Otto Porter has had a busy week. He was in Washington last Wednesday to announce that he signed his four-year $106 million extension. You’d think that he would go on another vacation to a tropical island. Instead, he and Wizards center Daniel Ochefu flew over to Poland to hang out with Marcin Gortat, where he’s holding camps throughout Polish cities.

Here are some highlights from the camp in Rumia that’s going on this weekend.

I’m not sure about Ochefu, but this isn’t the first time Porter’s been to Poland. Two years ago, he, and Wizards then-mascot G-Man (where’s he been at?) were in a Polish submarine!

Gortat’s 2017 camp culminates with an exhibition game on July 30 when the Marcin Gortat All-Stars take on the Polish Army team.