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Some sweet name ideas for Washington’s G-League team which they should definitely consider

Washington has a new G-League team on the way in 2018 and they’ll need a proper name to go along with it. Here are a few ideas.

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Appeal to the current mascots and leverage the new G-League branding

  • Washington G-Wiz
  • Washington G-Men
  • Washington G-Bullets

Appeal to the Defense Industry/Patriotism

  • Washington Generals
  • Washington Fleet
  • Washington Honor
  • Washington Guard
  • Washington Spies
  • Washington Secret Service
  • Washington Cavalry
  • Washington Maul

Appeal to politics

  • Washington Senators
  • Washington Whigs
  • Washington Bull-Moose
  • Washington Federalists

Appeal to defunct Washington sports teams

  • Washington Warthogs
  • Washington Diplomats
  • Washington Whips
  • Washington Darts
  • Washington Bullets

Appeal to techy buzzwords

  • Washington Pixels
  • Washington Synergy
  • Washington Influencers
  • Washington Thinkfluencers
  • Washington Verticals
  • Washington Mobile-Friendly
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Appeal to internet memes

  • WaShInGtOn SpOnGeBoBs
  • Here Comes Dat Washington G-League Team
  • Cracking Open A Cold One With The G-League team
  • Washington Emoji Sheriffs
  • Washington Milkshake Ducks
  • The Restricted Area Is Lava
  • The G-League Team She Told You Not To Worry About, that way every opponent would be [TEAM] vs. The G-League Team She Told You Not To Worry About. THINK ABOUT IT.

Name the team after a Gatorade flavor

  • Washington Cool Blue
  • Washington Icy Charge
  • Washington Fierce Wild Berries

Use one of the rejected names from the Wizards’ name search

  • Washington Sea Dogs
  • Washington Express
  • Washington Stallions
  • Washington Dragons
  • Washington Bullets

Names that don’t necessarily need to use Washington at the beginning

  • DMV Crossover
  • Anacostia River Warriors
  • Anacostia Anacondas
  • Southeast Monumentals