Could Caron Butler be replacing Phil Chenier?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Tuff Juice was at last night's game, and has been a pretty vocal supporter of the team during these playoffs. He has been making a lot of media rounds lately as well, commenting on everything from Tony Romo, to random NBA community serives awards, and even took a tour of Afghanistan with other ex-NBAers.

The timing struck me as a bit odd, which lead to a Google search, which lead to this article from last month.

The Montag Group has signed Caron Butler, a veteran NBA player who has made numerous television appearances in recent years, for representation in broadcasting work.

Butler has appeared on ESPN’s "The Jump" and was a guest analyst on ESPN2’s coverage of last year’s NBA draft. He has made appearances on NBA TV and TNT as well.

When a guy just so happens to sign with a talent agent, pop up all over CSN, TNT and ESPN all of a sudden and when his former team just so happens to have an open position for a color commentator at at the same damn time, it doesn't take a genius to add it all up.

9 + 10 does not equal 21 (do ya' Googles), but Phil gone + Caron suddenly reppin' the team definitely = He's gonna be Buckhantz's sidekick very soon.

Personally, while I love Phil, the broadcast team has been stale for years now. It does need a "fresh voice", and I think Caron could be great in that role. I still hope they'll consider a 3 person team (because Christy Winters-Scott would be great), but I'm cool with Tuff Juice -N- The Dagger. What say ye?

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