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Wizards vs. Celtics Game 3 first half GameThread

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Big game tonight. Let's hope things go our way after this past weekend!

Also, some things of note in the comments.

1. Profanity - We don't have a strict ban on cussing. I get it when someone yells "Oh shit" in a vacuum. It happens.

That said, out of 1,029 comments on Game 2's first and second half threads, I counted a total of 121 "fuck's" or variations of that word. That's over one in ten comments having that word show up, and I think that's too much. We can be a little cleaner with the language than we are right now.

2. Sexist Terms - The word fuck isn't what I'm concerned about. I am more concerned about sexist terms being used to describe players who we don't like in the heat of the moment etc. But calling Kelly Olynyk a "pussy" because he has long hair, or calling Ian Mahinmi a "little bitch" for not playing is not acceptable. You will be banned for using these terms, and there's plenty more terms besides those that are bannable.

SB Nation's general community guidelines also prohibit the use of racial slurs, religious slurs, or imagery of the above. Click here to read them.

3. Interacting on CelticsBlog - You are free to comment on CelticsBlog, our network's Celtics site, but you are to abide by their rules. I will ask that you please do not go there right after a game, whether the Wizards win or lose. That's what the postgame threads are for.

Also, they have a no-profanity policy in place, and some members of our site have been warned for that.

If you're a CelticsBlog regular who wants to comment here, you are free to do so, but you should also abide by our rules in addition to the SB Nation guidelines. I also suggest that it's best to stay on your GameThreads right after the game's done, win or lose.


Thanks again for reading. Let's get a win!