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Elena Delle Donne’s upcoming marriage gets The Knot’s Wedding nod

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People that love dogs. Elena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton.
The Knot

The Mystics are already in training camp, and will soon begin their 2017 WNBA Championship campaign.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of chemistry and execution, we have some news regarding Elena Delle Donne and her fiancée, Amanda Clifton, that broke over the winter.

Amanda Clifton and Elena Delle Donne announce their nuptials.
The Knot

Here is an excerpt of the the official press release from The Knot, which gives a nice bow to their charitable interests.

The Knot, the #1 online wedding marketplace, announced the 2017 Dream Wedding couple — WNBA MVP, Washington Mystics player, and Olympic Gold Medalist Elena Delle Donne and her fiancée Amanda Clifton.

The wedding will have a charity theme, and in lieu of registering for gifts, the couple has registered via Donations will benefit the Elena Delle Donne Foundation, which supports Special Olympics and Lyme Disease Awareness. Both causes are close to the couple as Elena’s sister Lizzie was born deaf and blind, and Elena suffers from Lyme Disease.

They go on to explain how they will use the couples’ inspiration in a very practical way, focusing on efficiency.

Elena and Amanda are The Knot’s first same-sex Dream Wedding Couple, and their entire wedding — from flowers, to the dresses, to the cake — will all be taken care of, courtesy of The Knot

Elena and Amanda’s affinity for giving back will be brought to life throughout their entire wedding with the help of Brooklyn, New York–based renowned wedding planner and designer Jove Meyer. The wedding will be created with a highly reduced carbon footprint, making sustainable choices and keeping the environment in mind. All food and floral arrangements will be seasonal and locally sourced whenever possible, and following the festivities, extra food will be donated to homeless shelters and all flowers will be given to local hospitals and nursing homes for others to enjoy.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the stirrings in the WNBA about a former player’s opinion about the W as a whole, which was less than positive, and completely inaccurate, last winter.

So I definitely think it is worth pointing out that The Knot is owned by XO Group, a publicly traded NYSE member. The three month data is very encouraging.

It is clear that the XO Group are willing to put their money where their mouth is by embracing this couple and who they represent, the WNBA, the USA Women’s National team, the Special Olympics, and socially conscious couples every where. It is a validation in and of itself.


And it’s not like Delle Donne doesn’t have a big fan in Capitals/Wizards/Mystics owner Ted Leonsis. He’s not shy about it:

The Business of Happiness definitely looks like this.