If Gortat wants a trade, where could he go?

As has been mentioned here and elsewhere, Gortat did some griping in exit interviews with the media, which was both kind of understandable and yet pretty unreasonable given the future of the NBA and the C position. No matter if you feel his comments were valid or not, or think that moving Gortat is in the Wizards best interest, I wanted to look at some possible destinations for him.

In my opinion there are two different types of organizations that may be interested in Gortat. The first is the contender who could use his modest skillset to potentially get over some hump. And the second is the up and coming team that needs a little more professionalism out of the 5, kind of like the Wizards were looking for when they traded for Nene. I actually think the latter option is more likely, there aren't many teams that are a Gortat bump away from contention, but there are a few who could use a versatile 5 to set some screens and run PnR with their young horses.

First, the contenders:

Celtics - Given their rebounding issues and Olynyk's likely departure, it is not impossible to imagine them wanting another big who could help out down low and occasionally pair with Horford in a big lineup. Wiz get: Tyler Zeller's non guaranteed contract and one of the prospects (Zizic, Yabusele, Rozier). The C's do have an embarrassment of youth and would make sense to consolidate some of it for an upgrade (which Gortat would be), assuming they don't move it in a bigger trade this summer. And that's all I have for contenders, not that this one is a great fit.

Young teams in need of a veteran 5:

Lakers - This one makes some sense to me, although it might be impossible for them to digest given the Mozgov investment. But they have a lot of perimeter talent (and will add more in June) and could use a reliable 5 to take some of the burden off of Randle, Ingram, and Russell. That said, what do the Wiz get? Jordan Clarkson? Tarik Black's non guaranteed and a 2018 1st? Loul Deng's albatross and D. Russell?

Wolves - Probably my favorite offer, both as a Wizards fan and plausibility. The Wolves are another young team who could use a proper 5 to pair next to Towns and screen for Wiggins and LaVine. Dieng is no slouch but he doesn't bring nearly as much to the screen and pnr game as Marc, he's only a hybrid 4/5, and at 27 doesn't really match the primes of the rest of their talent (neither does Marc but he is a cheaper and shorter commitment). Wiz get: Dieng. Why not? Gives us athletic D and youth which are needed, and he could possibly play some minutes next to Mahinmi, which Gortat can not. One catch, since his extension kicks in this summer Dieng might not be tradable until Dec (even though he signed it last fall), some CBA expert can weigh in on that.

Nuggets - I don't even really believe in this one. While Jokic could play some 4, the minutes he shared with Nurkic last year were a catastrophe for both of them. But Jokic's rim protection is bad enough that they may continue to experiment with pairing him with a more traditional C, and may not want to match whatever Plumlee signs for. Wiz get: Wilson Chandler or Kenneth Faried. Not a great return but both would give the Wizards a little more of what they need, Chandler with shooting and Faried with frontcourt athleticism.

One other wild card option, Gortat and Oubre for Boogie. Given what they gave up for Cousins, this would actually represent a decent return (Hield and the 10 for Gortat and Oubre) if they came to a quick conclusion that the Davis-Cousins pairing was a failure. Gortat can protect AD but not steal touches from him like Cousins, and Oubre is from Nola and gives them much needed perimeter D.

Seems a little far fetched, but the reality is there just aren't a lot of great options for Gortat, which means there are a whole lot fewer for trading Mahinmi. Seems like we may be committed to this duo.

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