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Otto Porter can’t be a max player unless he stops using watermarked photos on Instagram

We all know the big topic this offseason will be how much money Otto Porter gets paid, and who shells out the big money.

Earlier this week, we learned the Nets, Magic, and 76ers will all reportedly be in the hunt for Otto Porter this summer, according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News.

Regardless of what you think about Porter’s price, there’s no question there will be a high demand for him this summer. Chance to add young, proven talent don’t come along often, and there are teams with cap space to burn.

Personally, I think Otto is worth the investment, but if he really wants to prove he’s a max player, he needs to act like a max player. That starts with his Instagram page. Otto, you can’t keep putting filters on watermarked photos and acting like it’s okay:

To God be The Glory !!! #year4 #blessed #09ish

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Go get it!! #09ishh #OPrebound #greatTeamW #blessed

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's goes up n blessing comes down!! #bounceback #blessed

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Don’t do this.

Locked in !! Game 7 #DCdeathrow #09savage #DCfamily

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I get that buying the rights to photos isn’t cheap, but sharing watermarked pictures is a grandma move. You’re going to be making an eight digit salary next season. You can swing the money for a Getty Images account.

Don’t let Jason Smith have a cooler Instagram than you, Otto.

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If you want to get paid like a max player, you’ve got to post like a max player. It’s just that simple.