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Wizards fan knocks out Celtics fan in Game 7, causing a bloody mess

Stay classy #DCFamily.

Fanbases get rowdy during critical games. When emotions are high and there are a few beers involved, a fight can start. And that’s what happened at TD Garden during Game 7 between the Wizards and Celtics. Boston came through with a series clinching 115-105 win.

According to Albert Breer of Comcast SportsNet New England, a Celtics fan slapped a Wizards fan at some point during the game. The Wizards fan took offense and punched the Celtics fan, causing a bloody mess.

I get fans will get in arguments during games, but this isn’t a sign of good sportsmanship to say the least.

UPDATE on May 16, 2017 at 12:25 p.m.: There’s video on the internet of the fight. It is not pretty. Fighting people at sports games or really anywhere is a bad idea.