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Wizards at Celtics Game 7 preview: Washington looks to close out series on Monday

It all comes down to this!

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Six Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Wizards finish their Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Celtics on Monday night. Let’s get to a preview:

Game Info

Date and time: Monday May 15, 8 p.m. ET


Where: TD Garden, Boston, MA

Injuries: Both rosters will have everyone ready to go.

What to watch for

Can the Wizards carry the momentum of Game 6 into Game 7?

The ending of Game 6 had the atmosphere of the Wizards winning the series, but for good reason. Washington was trailing 91-89 with less than 10 seconds left to go before John Wall made the game winning three.

I get it, it was a huge shot. The celebrations were well deserved. But all of that won’t mean much if they come out with a goose egg tomorrow night. There are still 48 minutes left to play in this one.

Can Brandon Jennings step up with his scoring game?

The John Wall and Bradley Beal backcourt has been en fuego in this round of the playoffs as they have scored a combined 48 points a game. Jennings has shown the ability to put up points for the Bucks, Pistons, Magic, and Knicks. But it seems like his scoring average and shooting efficiency have hit a brick wall since he arrived in D.C. In this round of the playoffs, Jennings averaged 1.7 ppg on 18 percent shooting while playing 13 minutes a game. I’m not sure if he’s injured and not talking about it, but he can’t possibly be an 18 percent shooter from the field.

What I’m saying is this. Jennings is the most effective guard the Wizards have after Wall and Beal. They need him to make some shots when they take a breather on the bench. If there’s a game where they can use an extra scorer, this is it.

Can the Wizards figure out a way to get Otto Porter and Marcin Gortat involved?

It wasn’t just that Porter and Gortat only combined to score 4 points in Game 6, but they only combined to take eight shots. Of those eight, only two happened in the second half, even though both played over 16 minutes. The Celtics forced the Wizards to beat them one-on-one, and Washington was able to do it, even though it went against their typical style of play.

Odds are, the Wizards won’t be able to win that way again this time around. If they want to help their odds, they need to figure out how to get Porter and Gortat more involved. You can’t exactly force feed them the ball, but the Wizards need to figure out some ways to get them some high quality looks. When Gortat and Porter are playing efficiently, it takes a lot of pressure off Wall and Beal to do everything like they had to in the second half of Game 6.

Possible Wiz Killer: being overcome from Game 6 emotions

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Six Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

I’m not going to pick any player on the Celtics as a Wiz Killer. At this point, the Wizards know the Celtics really well after playing 10 regular and postseason games with them so far. The only thing I’m worried about is being emotionally drained from Game 6.

To be fair, the Wizards deserved to celebrate Game 6. And as fans, we’re all happy to see that they remained undefeated and wouldn’t let the Celtics advance to the Eastern Conference Finals on their floor. But there’s still one more game left to be played in front of a hostile crowd. Just tune out the Celtics fans and take care of business so we can play some more basketball through the end of May.

Bonus song

In 1978, Nils Lofgren had “Bullets Fever:”

And 39 years later, Lofgren reprised the song ... as Wizards Fever!

Let’s go Wizards!