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hill vs lynx Stewart W. Small

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

The Mystics will play the San Antonio Stars later today where two moms: Tayler Hill and Tianna Hawkins are on the roster. It’s not easy for mothers by any means. They have to juggle full-time jobs while caring for young children.

ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel wrote a column last Friday detailing how WNBA players who are also mothers balance life out. Hill specifically mentioned that though being a mother has a lot of responsibilities, it isn’t burdensome. She also gave advice to now-Liberty guard Bria Hartley on how to approach her pregnancy.

For the Wizards, mothers play a big part in the players’ lives as well. Bradley Beal recently penned a column on The Players’ Tribune where he credited his mother for giving him advice on how to shoot the basketball. Beal’s mom even got a high five from John Wall which you can see toward the end of this video.

And speaking about Wall’s mother, he credits her for supporting him and his family when he was a child. He broke down while speaking about her during a press conference in 2013.

In short, we hope you spend some extra time with your moms today.

Once again, happy Mother’s Day #DCFamily!