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John Wall’s interview after Game 6 win showed off everything that makes him a great player

Boston Celtics v Washington Wizards - Game Six Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Two years ago, John Wall gave a heartfelt interview after an emotional win over the Celtics that displayed everything that makes John Wall a great person. After another intense, close win over the Celtics at the Verizon Center on Friday night, John Wall gave another incredible interview that displayed everything great about him as a basketball player.

It began with Lisa Salters asking Wall about what he was feeling after hitting the three to force a Game 7. Here’s what he had to say:

I ain’t going home. Don’t come to my city wearing all black, talking about it’s a funeral. We worked too hard for this. All we asked for is a Game 7, 50/50. That’s all we can ask for. We do it for these unbelievable fans. Without them we wouldn’t have won this game.

It was a play I just got open, it was really for Brad to get open. I did a hesitation move, a move I try to work on every day, I’m just glad it went in.

Next, Wall talked about overcoming a rough start to Game 6, which included missing 11 of his first 12 shots:

I’m a guy I don’t care. I’m not going out without a fight. If I go 0-30, I’m willing to lose like that. I’ve got too much heart. I put in too much work. Double knee surgery...look at this! Can’t ask for more.

Then, Wall really showed off his high hoops IQ when he was asked to describe how the Wizards stopped the Celtics on the final possession, using his memory and making a quick adjustment on the fly to get the stop they needed:

We knew the last time they beat us here, they threw it over the top to Jae Crowder for a basket, he got a layup. We just told them if they catch it to foul them real quick. Next time, we had Marcin Gortat guard out of bounds (shakes head) nah, we need you in the paint guarding the basket. We got a win.

At the end of the interview, Wall was asked about what playing in Game 7 means to him:

This is my life. It’s what I asked for. To fight hard, down 2-0, to win, all we got is one game left and we go to the Eastern Conference Finals. Couldn’t ask for more.

Couldn’t ask for more from a postgame interview just seconds after the biggest moment of your basketball life either. What a moment for John Wall.