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Things I’d rather discuss than whether or not the Warriors disrespected the Wizards

NBA: Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Near the end of Sunday’s Wizards-Warriors game, JaVale McGee attempted a three-point shot that several players on Washington found “disrespectful” considering Golden State already had the game in hand.

There are good arguments on both sides on whether or not McGee was wrong for taking the shot and if the Wizards were wrong for taking exception to it. The problem is, in the midst of all the debate we all forgot the most important thing about this debate: It’s pointless and boring.

Interpreting the unwritten rules of basketball is like trying to figure out whether or not the chicken or the egg came first. Even if you have the right answer, half of the world will tell you that you’re wrong, so why bother? Just let people think they’re right and move on.

Instead of wasting more time on that, here are some other, less annoying topics to discuss:

  • Politics. (NOTE: Please don’t actually do this.)
  • Jay-Z: Rapper who is a businessman, or businessman rapper?
  • If a tree falls in the forest and Draymond Green didn’t see it, did it still disrespect him?
  • At what age is it socially unacceptable to wear shorts in public?
  • Pop or soda?
  • Should you eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon?
  • At what point did you realize Jake Whitacre was a major step down from Mike Prada as a site manager?
  • What’s the point of buying a microwave meal if it takes 7 minutes to cook?
  • Why didn’t Joey and Phoebe get together on Friends?
  • Should Tim Tebow get another chance in the NFL?
  • Kirk Cousins.