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Appreciating all the ways John Wall uses his dizzying spin move

NBA: Washington Wizards at Los Angeles Clippers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

When people discuss John Wall, they often bring up his speed or his court vision, but often his superior handles often get left out of the discussion. That’s unfortunate, because they help him do so much on the floor, especially with his amazing spin move.

Sometimes defenders think they can get a beat on his dribble, possibly time the pulse of each bounce, and snatch the ball away from him. That’s when Wall switches it up on them, hitting the spin cycle and leaving defenders in a tornado of disbelief. Many NBA players can do a spin move while dribbling, but John does it going full speed, a speed that outpaces 99 percent of the most athletic group of men on Earth.

You’re saying OK, the guy can do a spin move while dribbling really fast, so what? The difference between John Wall and the rest of the league, is that he can also pull off his spin move while creating assist and layup opportunities.

Most likely, if Wall is using his spin move, it is not his primary defender coming at him. It is either on the fast break, or against a help defender at the basket. The spin frees him up and either creates a passing lane to feed a player on the wing or opens up a path to the tin for someone to score an easy layup.

On top of his well know handles, and other-worldly vision, Wall can finish at the basket with some of the best of them. He has been able to add the 360 when going to the hoop in order to avoid the contact and create an open lane for the bucket. Defenders look and feel like they have position, and John makes them look silly in a split-second.

The most memorable one for me came in the Christmas Day game against the Knicks in 2015, where Wall absolutely torched our very own Jason Smith. Sorry Jason, we love you.

The move is much more than just a fancy way to finish a layup, it requires great physical ability and incredible instincts to know when to use it. Every time Wall rises and completes one I think, “how did he do that?” and then wonder how demoralized the defender must feel after looking so goofy on TV.

Carry on John, keep taking ankles.