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John Wall is bringing capes back

The great thing about capes is that they serve no practical purpose. If anything, you could argue capes do more to get in the way of people who need them most (superheroes, vampires) because it gives their enemies a giant piece of fabric to grab while their back is turned. It’s actually pretty remarkable The Joker never thought to grab Batman by the cape when you really think about it.

Capes exist almost exclusively as a show of opulence and power, so it was fitting that John Wall decided to wear a cape before and after Game 5:

It takes a lot of confidence to wear a cape in any situation, but especially for a crucial playoff game. Can you imagine the criticism Wall would’ve gotten for wearing that after losing Game 5 at home? John Wall can’t. That’s why he wore what he wore. If you can’t understand the confidence it takes to wear a cape in that situation, then you probably shouldn’t try to wear a cape in any situation.