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John Wall has 15 technical fouls after Jazz loss

He’s one technical foul away from an automatic suspension.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

During Friday’s Wizards 95-88 loss to the Jazz, John Wall was given a technical foul for hitting Rudy Gobert’s crotch while moving through a screen. But he was more annoyed by the free throw disparity (Washington’s 16 vs. Utah’s 31) after the game. Here’s the gist of what he pointed out in the locker room after the game, from Candace Buckner of The Washington Post:

“For one, I haven’t been saying nothing to the refs lately because I know what situation I’ve been in but the way they’ve been officiating today doesn’t make no sense,” Wall said. “To shoot 31 free throws to 16. We’re an aggressive team that attacks the basket, that don’t make no sense.”

Wall then pointed to his right forearm as evidence of a lack of calls for the Wizards.

“I had to get this bandaged up because I’m bleeding and the ref told me ‘that’s not a foul,'” Wall said. “It’s getting out of hand. If you want us to compete at a high level like we’ve been doing – we didn’t lose this game. The refs made us lose this game. We fought hard, we gave ourselves a chance but you don’t shoot no 31 free throws to 16 the way we attack the basket as a team. That’s how I feel about it. I tried to get some (technical fouls) rescinded before, it never works for my favor. Other players have and they got it. So, all I can do is just keep my mouth shut like I’ve been doing. I could see if I would’ve got a flagrant-1 but a technical off of that? That’s outrageous.”

Friday’s loss was frustrating for sure. The Wizards also didn’t find themselves at the free throw line as much as they normally would. And Wall also had a poor performance, where he only shot 6 of 22 from the field for 16 points (which include three free throws, and one three pointer).

Though I myself feel that Wall and the Wizards are treated a bit unfairly by the NBA with their coverage, the man himself told what he has to do for the rest of the season. Wall has to bite his tongue because the Wizards can’t afford to lose him for any game that remains this regular season. Yes, the Wizards won the Southeast Division, but I’d rather see them head to the playoffs with 50 wins than 46.