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Focus on the quality, not the quantity from John Wall’s career-high 20 assist game

When a guy has a career night like John Wall did on Friday against the Bulls, it’s easy to dwell on how Wall was able to get so many assists, but then forget just how good the passes were that got him there.

For example, look at how well Wall navigates this fast break, draws the attention to him, and in doing so, creates a lane for Mahinmi to get to the rim:

Or, just look at how Wall puts the ball in the exact spot it needed to be on this alley oop:

If the pass had been three inches higher, Beal wouldn’t have been able to corral the pass in. If it had been three inches lower, either Rondo or Lopez would have deflected it. And if Wall hadn’t nailed the timing on the pass, Lopez would have been able to disrupt the pass as well. The Wizards needed a perfect pass to make that play work and they got it.

John Wall was bound to have a 20 assist game at some point in his career, but the way he did it, with so many precise, well-timed passes makes it all the more special: