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The Wizards are the #1 team in CBS’ NBA Power Rankings

Yup. The national pundits are on our side!

NBA: Washington Wizards at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The weekly NBA power rankings are coming out, and here’s something to get everyone talking.

Matt Moore of CBS Sports put the Wizards at #1 in his latest NBA Power Rankings, ahead of teams like the Cavaliers (5th), Warriors (6th), Celtics (4th), Spurs (2nd), and Rockets (3rd). You read it right. The Warriors didn’t even make the Top 5 in Moore’s NBA Power Rankings!

Moore was adamant as to why he placed Washington at #1. Here’s what he said:

NO REGRETS. The Wizards have the best record in the NBA since Jan. 1. They just rattled off four wins in five nights including back-to-back wins in overtime on a west coast road trip, even if they were against sub-.500 teams. John Wall is a cyborg ninja, Bradley Beal is a pure weapon, and this team just finds ways to wins. Everyone else fell, the Wizards keep rolling. No regrets!

Though the Wizards didn’t top other power ranking lists, they were still third in ESPN’s, and fourth in’s. FiveThirtyEight also gave Washington the third highest odds of winning the NBA title (7 percent) and a 15 percent chance of winning the top seed in the Eastern Conference!

When your team wins four straight games on the road while the Warriors and Cavaliers are hitting rough patches, good things like this happen.

It’s great news to see Washington leading like this. Here’s hoping that it continues as we finish the season and head into the playoffs!