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Some best practices on FanPosts and comment rec’ing

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Let’s take a quick minute to discuss some things that are quite subjective in nature.

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Hey everyone,

The NBA Trade Deadline is later today. And since the Wizards have made one trade and are considering more, this place is on fire! In a good way of course.

That said, I wanted to put up a couple reminders on the moderation front.

Some best practices on FanPosts featuring trade ideas

Great for social media laughs, but not so great for a serious discussion on trading players.
Jake Whitacre

Of all FanPost topics I’ve read over the years, the most common topic is Wizards trade ideas. Trade and player movement in general are topics that are most engaging among our active commenters.

There’s no surprise why. Every February and June, we get hyped up for player movement at the trade deadline or when free agency’s about to come up.

NBA players’ approximate salaries are online on Hoopshype. And ESPN has the notorious Trade Machine where everyone can pretend to be Ernie Grunfeld for a day (or more). In general, it’s great.

In this information overload era we’re in, sometimes we can make trade ideas that are possible just because they are. We share that idea in a FanPost, and then commenters criticize it -- some harsher than others.

So, here are some best practices on how you can write a good FanPost on a trade idea, and perhaps get it on the front page and in our Best of BF’s FanPosts hub.

  1. Be creative, but do some QA testing by putting yourself in every team’s shoes. Is your trade realistic? This quiz Jake Whitacre made last year is funny on the surface. But it’s also an indirect reminder that just because it’s possible doesn’t mean that a GM will really pull it off.
  2. Write a rationale or objective that each team is really trying to do in your FanPost. We know what the Wizards want to do in a trade in regard to their end of season or short to medium term goals. But what about the other team? Are they trying to get additional help or are they “just doing you a favor?”
  3. If your deal looks like one team’s getting away with robbery to a casual observer, then state why it really isn’t. Yes, the occasional DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans NBA trade happens. But then state why the other team (who’s getting fleeced) wouldn’t feel that way. Even the “fleeced team” has a rationale for a deal happening, and it often isn’t just for wins and losses if this happens.

No, I won’t take down trade idea FanPosts if they are hastily written. But I have seen some of these FanPost ideas get criticized quite easily when they are. If you follow these steps, then you will be more likely to see constructive discussions in your FanPost. And it may be promoted as well!

“Rec-hunting”: Deliberate practice or coincidence?

Take life easy when it comes to rec’s like Scott Brooks. It’s not easy to deliberately try to get comments rec’ed.
Stewart W. Small

From time to time, we see a series of comments where two people reply to each other in a series of comments.

One user, User A, replies in one fashion, for example in a matter of fact way. The person who replies back, User B, is often sarcastic or otherwise disagrees. And in the exchange, User B seems to get rec’ed several times with each comment he or she makes. At best, User A doesn’t care. But sometimes, User A feels left out to dry, and at worst, User A feels like he or she’s been cyber-bullied. This is when he or she accuses User B of “rec-hunting.”

I’m sometimes asked, is “rec-hunting” a real thing? Are certain users deliberately here just to turn their comments green to put up a sign that their viewpoint’s better?

Here’s my take on it: I find that rec’ing in this circumstance more of a coincidence than a deliberate action.

The only true way a user can truly “hunt for rec’s” is by having multiple accounts where he or she uses to rec the original account’s comments. This isn’t the best use of time for anyone’s time, and moderators can see if multiple accounts are using the same IP address. If someone is found to be doing that, then at a minimum the duplicate “rec’ing” accounts will be banned.

Best practice: Rec comments that you truly find insightful

Like honorary model BF commenter Emma Meesseman, it doesn’t hurt to be selective. BE, BE SELECTIVE!
Stewart W. Small

Rec’ed comments are a way to highlight those which the community finds insightful. When someone gets three rec’s in a comment, it turns green. There are no additional features to comments like this time. Things like Tinder’s “Super-Like” or Facebook’s multiple reactions button which includes “likes,” “loves,” “hates,” etc.

The best practice with rec’ing is to be selective when you rec. They should be comments that you truly find engaging and contribute to the discussion at hand. It isn’t a best practice to rec users simply because you agree with him or her which is sometimes where these “rec-hunting” claims come from. It’s okay — and even encouraged — for you to rec another user’s comment that you disagree, but also acknowledge that it’s adding value to the discussion.

So, you don’t have to rec every one of Albert Lee’s comments because you’re on “Team Albert.” Or all of Jake Whitacre’s comments because you’re on “Team Jake Whit.” Or all of Lyndie’s comments because you’re on “Team L.W.” or whichever user you’re rec’ing. There is no “Team Albert” or “Team Jake Whit” or “Team L.W.” or “Team [Pick Your User]” here.

Sorry for calling you out Jake Whitacre and Lyndie. I only used you as examples.

If anything, we’re more like “Team BF” and “Team SB Nation NBA.” Our online community is bigger than one person. We’re all here to read the same content and comment on relevant topics, while having a good discussion with one another.

Final Thoughts

As always if you have questions or if there’s a conversation that you feel is going too far, feel free to email me at aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com.

And before I forget, here’s a list of more moderation-related pieces in the last couple years:

Thanks, and I can’t wait to see the home stretch of the regular season!