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Wizards among several teams interested in P.J. Tucker, according to report

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Lou Williams isn’t the only player the Wizards are looking at for bench help at the trade deadline. Washington is also reportedly interested in P.J. Tucker, according to Michael Scotto of Basketball Insiders.

Tucker’s combination of defense skills and respectable outside shooting are making him a hot commodity for contenders at the deadline. Scotto is reporting the Raptors, Clippers, Hawks, Celtics, and Jazz are also interested in him.

As Tony East wrote earlier this week, Tucker is on a very favorable deal this season, but he will be a free agent this summer. Every team that’s interested in Tucker will have to balance the instant value he’d add to the team with the risk he could bolt at the end of the season.

Washington’s risk factor would be even higher than most teams because it would harder for them to keep Tucker after this season. Unless Washington can clear some salary between now and this summer, they would have to go into the luxury tax to keep him and Otto Porter.

Given those circumstances, it wouldn’t make sense for the Wizards to offer anything more than their second round pick in a deal. That’s probably as much as anyone else in the running would be willing to offer, so Phoenix very well just have to pick which team they think is most likely to net them the best second round pick, but a lot can change between now and Thursday’s trade deadline.

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Posted by Bullets Forever on 12hb Januari 2017