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Roundtable: Where would the Wizards be if they had gotten Scott Brooks & Markieff Morris earlier?

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NBA: Washington Wizards at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

[Editor’s Note: Sometimes, our roundtables are coordinated, sometimes they just pop up out of nowhere. This one falls into the latter category. -Jake]

Ben Becker: I am so sorry, but I just had the most depressing thought: The Wiz missed their shot. They waited a year too long to hire brooks. They waited too long to make the Morris trade (btw, this was one of my gripes all along -- if you're going to trade your first for Morris, do it sooner so he has the whole season here).

Can you imagine if the Wiz were doing this last year, headed into last offseason? There's no way the summer could have turned out so poorly. And maybe, just maybe....nah.

The truth is likely that John/Brad/Otto wouldn't have been this collectively good last year. And maybe Morris' troubles in PHX were too recent that we wouldn't have gotten this from him either.

But man, the Wiz appear in the midst of a renaissance the year AFTER the greatest free agent summer in league history. Could that be any more #SoWizards?

Back to your mystified enjoyment of NBA power rankings.

Lyndie Wood: Yes and no.

Agree they should have done it all earlier. Wittman coached a couple years too long. They probably could have gotten Markieff Morris earlier. But it's not a sure bet that any of that would have lead to a drastically different free agency situation.

I think it's clear KD didn't want to play in his hometown.

Would Horford have been swayed? Maybe! But maybe not, especially if the report that Houston was his actual 2nd choice is true.

Beyond that: I don’t know. EG was still gonna EG this summer. It's not like there were loads of great free agents in this class, and most re-signed with their teams in a drama-free way.

Mike Prada: Seems to reveal mostly that Wittman overstayed his welcome. I dunno how much of an impact this would have had in free agency -- probably some, but not enough to get KD.

Ben Becker: I greatly regret sending this e-mail. It's kind of Jake's fault if you think about it though.

Mike Sykes: Rule of thumb: Always Jake's fault.

Jake Whitacre: A few things here:

  1. KD2DC was absolutely my fault. Wake up sheeple.
  2. Getting Brooks and Morris sooner wouldn't have changed how John Wall's knees were breaking down. Would last season have gone better with Brooks and Morris in the fold? Probably. Would it have yielded the same results we're seeing right now? I don't think so.
  3. While I think we can all agree Wittman probably overstayed his welcome, I do think last year's struggles made it easier for Scott Brooks to implement his vision with the team. Would the team have been as willing to try new things coming off a playoff run where players were convinced (correctly or not) they were going to go to the Eastern Conference Finals if Wall hadn't gotten hurt?

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I think the Wizards should regret missing out on the chance to draft Morris back in 2011 (or one of the other talented players still available when Vesely was selected) and missing out on hiring someone on Brooks' tier back in 2012 a lot more than they should regret what they didn’t do before last season.