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Here is the Wizards ‘The District’ City Edition uniform

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On Wednesday, Nike unveiled every NBA team’s “City Edition” uniform, the fourth jersey option each team can choose from this season. Here is what Washington’s jerseys will look like.

And here is Nike’s description of the uniform:

The Wizards City Edition uniform features a marble pattern on the side panels and a beveled effect on the numbers that resemble iconic Washington D.C. monuments. Its wordmark, "The District," honors a local moniker for the city.

These aren’t half-bad. They aren’t quite as iconic as the stars and stripes uniforms they wore during their playoff run last season, but The District wordmark is pretty cool, even though the Columbia part seems like a bit of overkill.

The team announced they will debut the new uniform on January 30 when they host the Oklahoma City Thunder. They will be worn 11 more times during the rest of the season, according to Candace Buckner of the Washington Post: