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John Wall gave the Wizards personalized Rolex watches for Christmas

On Christmas Day, most families spend quality time with each other. But for the Wizards, it will be a work day because they play the Celtics. Therefore, the team is just going to have to work around these kind of things.

John Wall decided to give his gifts to the rest of the team on Saturday morning before they played the Brooklyn Nets. The gift? Personalized Rolex Watches for EVERY WIZARDS PLAYER:

According to TMZ, Wall went to Govberg Jewelers in Philadelphia to inquire about the idea earlier this year. The watches cost about $40,000 each. Wall would have spent $600,000 just for his teammates, since he has 15 teammates. If Wall bought a watch for himself as well, he could have spent $640,000, the amount TMZ estimated.

Wall is making a salary of $18,063,850 this season according to HoopsHype, which doesn’t include endorsements or any other investment income he may be making. So, it’s not like Wall is breaking the bank for this. Regardless, it’s a nice gesture that he’s done for the team. I know the Wizards lost last night, but it’s certainly a morale boost as they head back home to play the Magic later tonight.