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The Wizards’ G-League team will be known as the Capital City Go-Go

Radio One's 25th Anniversary Awards Gala Photo by Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images

The Wizards announced on Friday evening that their new G-League team will be known as the Capital City Go-Go.

The nickname draws on the go-go genre of music that originated in D.C. and really started to catch on in 70’s, at the same time the franchise really hit their stride.

What’s great about this name is that it really draws a connection with the heart of D.C. Instead of going for a cliche name based on the military or politics, they went for something will really resonate with people who know and love the city. People outside the D.C. area may not get it, but it’s perfect for the people who will be cheering for the new team. Honestly, they’re probably the best named basketball team in the city now.

The team will begin play for the 2018-19 season, playing at the new complex being built on the former campus of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington. The facility will also serve as the home arena for the Washington Mystics.