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Wizards to honor 1978 championship team with special shooting shirts this season

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The Wizards announced on Thursday morning that they’ll be wearing special shooting shirts (pictured above) to commemorate the 1978 Bullets. This June will mark 40 years since the Bullets took down the Sonics in the NBA Finals to claim their only NBA championship.

The team also announced they will be using a logo that pays homage to the artwork the team used at center court during the title run:

Given everything the team is doing to commemorate that Bullets team, it makes one wonder if the team’s fourth jersey (which has yet to be unveiled) will be some sort of a tribute to that team. However, the team announced their home jersey schedule earlier this week and it says they’ll be wearing their standard red uniforms on March 23rd when they retire Phil Chenier’s number. You’d figure if they were using a Bullets-based design they’d want to use it that night, and since they aren’t, you can probably get rid of that hope now.

Speaking of uniforms, SB Nation NBA has been doing Jersey Week all week and putting out some great stuff about uniforms. As part of that, we put together a video where we ranked the best Wizards/Bullets uniforms ever. We’re pretty sure everyone will agree on the top jersey, but we’re guessing there will be some debate on 2-5.

Check out the best (and worst) of Wizards jersey history!

Check out the best (and worst) of Wizards jersey history!

Posted by Bullets Forever on Wednesday, October 4, 2017