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Markieff Morris acquitted in aggravated assault trial

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News: Marcus and Markieff Morris Trial The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Markieff Morris was acquitted of aggravated assault charges on Tuesday while on trial in Maricopa County, Arizona, per Candace Buckner of The Washington Post. The trial was in regard to an incident in 2015 when he and his twin brother Marcus, were playing for the Phoenix Suns. Marcus now plays for the Boston Celtics.

The move is good news for Morris, because he faced a prison sentence up to 3.75 years. Even if Morris were found guilty but not sentenced to a jail or prison term, the NBA could have suspended him for at least 10 games. Now, this is behind him.

Morris did not attend Wizards training camp last week due to the trial. However, he will not play during the preseason as he recovers from sports hernia surgery.