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Scott Brooks should have flopped harder on Nikola Jokic if we’re being honest

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There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding Nikola Jokic and Scott Brooks’ midcourt encounter near the end of Monday’s Wizards - Nuggets game. If you missed it, you can watch the bump here:

John Wall said Jokic’s move was “something you don’t do” while Marcin Gortat said it showed “lack of respect for the game” during postgame comments. Meanwhile, on the other end, Denver coach Michael Malone said he thought Brooks “embellished” the contact.

Only Brooks knows just how hard he was hit by Jokic and whether or not he tried to play up the contact. But one thing should be obvious after all the debates: Brooks should flop harder if he’s ever in that situation again.

His entire mission as a basketball coach is to get the most out of his personnel and put them in the position to win as many games as possible. In a league as competitive as the NBA, drawing an unexpected technical foul can be the difference between winning and losing a game, and that game might be the difference between hosting Game 7 of a playoff series or trying to win it on the road.

Brooks shouldn’t leave anything to chance in those situations. He should be flopping as hard as possible to get the whistle. Some of you might think that’s shameless acting, but guess what? He’s getting paid $7 million per year. There are plenty of shameless actors in Hollywood who would love to get that kind of a salary, so he should be thankful for the opportunities he gets to shine in the limelight.

If Brooks needs some examples of how to sell the foul better, here are a few examples:

All things considered, Scott Brooks did a good job with the chance he had on Monday, but there are always ways to get better. When players see him put the extra work in to be a better flopper, they’ll follow his lead.