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John Wall isn’t pleased about being snubbed from ESPN’s NBA teaser photo

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The 2017-18 NBA regular season starts today, which means that NBA basketball is back — and the games now count! Fans like us and TV shows like ESPN’s SportsCenter are excited too!

As you might expect, you’ll see some of the “usual suspect-type” NBA stars on this photo like Warriors superstars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, Cavaliers do-it-all man LeBron James, the Celtics’ new franchise player Kyrie Irving, the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook, and another MVP level point guard in James Harden. Even Blazers star Damian Lillard makes the cut, along with Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. But somehow and some way, John Wall doesn’t make the “cut.”

Even with the Wizards improving over the past several seasons, I am not that surprised when the team isn’t noticed on a national scale. Though I don’t like snubs like these, I just accept that the national media just doesn’t adore the Wizards like they do to the Celtics, the Lakers, and whatever teams LeBron and KD play for.

And like many of you, Wall noticed the snub himself:

I know we’re only talking about a picture here, and Wall is making a point out of one social media photo. But it’s definitely another chip on his shoulder before the Wizards start their regular season tomorrow against the 76ers.