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Elena Delle Donne wanted to leave Chicago for family and health reasons

We're starting to learn a little more as to why Elena Delle Donne wanted to leave the Chicago Sky.

Matt Kryger-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the Mystics and Sky agreed to a blockbuster sign and trade deal that culminates in Elena Delle Donne's arrival to D.C. According to Sean Morrison of espnW, her agent, Erin Kane claimed that the report was "immature" but also gave insight as to why she wanted to leave Chicago:

"When the salaries are as different as they are from the NBA, certain factors are weighted differently," Kane said. "Elena has always been a player who plays for enjoyment of the game. There are other considerations for her, and they have to do with her family -- her sister in particular, who cannot travel -- and they have to do with Elena's health."

Delle Donne has an older sister named Lizzie, who is deaf, blind, autistic, and has cerebral palsy. She shares a close relationship with her and wrote about it in great detail on The Players' Tribune in August 2015. Delle Donne's desire to play near her sister would have definitely played one major factor toward her coming to Washington.

In addition, Delle Donne suffers from Lyme Disease, which she contracted in 2008. Periodic flare-ups have hampered her availability at times during her WNBA career, and most recently for Shanxi in the Chinese WCBA, where she left last week.

We will have much more on Delle Donne's arrival in D.C. But her motivations to come to the nation's capital are a bit more complicated than simply wanting to come home in a vacuum.