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Wizards at Pelicans GameThread

Let the good times roll!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There's no NFL playoff football tonight, so that makes tonight a perfect time to see a Wizards game.

TV and streaming video

We're on CSN Mid Atlantic in the D.C. area. If you're in the New Orleans area, Fox Sports New Orleans will have you covered. This game's also on NBA TV everywhere else in the USA. And if you're outside the USA and Canada, there's always NBA League Pass.

Radio and streaming audio

For the best quality, download the Wizards app on your smartphone and listen to the game there. Otherwise, there's Federal News Radio 1500 AM, or WRNO 99.5 FM in the New Orleans area. NBA League Pass Audio and Sirius XM radio are other options.

Other rules

Celebrate the great plays, lament the bad ones, stay civil, and Go Wizards!