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John Wall to make guest appearance on Kirby Buckets in February

We’ve talked in recent weeks about how it would be nice if John Wall got some more national media exposure. The good news is, he’s going to get it soon, just maybe not in the way you may have expected.

Disney announced on Tuesday that Wall will make a guest appearance on a TV show that will be broadcast next month (HT: Wizards Reddit):

Washington Wizards guard John Wall will appear in an upcoming episode of the Disney XD show "Kirby Buckets: Warped" on Wednesday, February 1 at 7 a.m. ET (video clip above). Wall will guest star as himself in the episode "Orbed and Dangerous." In the episode, he goes head-to-head against Principal Mitchell in an alternate dimension.

Here’s a preview clip from the show of Wall in action:

The only shame here is that this clip didn’t air sooner, where it could have maybe helped boost Wall’s All-Star campaign. America’s youth are very influential and know how to be persistent about stuff online, so this only could have helped in his quest to get All-Star votes.

No word yet on if Wall plans on wearing that wig at a later time, but one can only hope he uses it as a prop in some future basketball endeavor. We need more wigs in basketball.