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Mystics at Lynx final score: A 75-69 loss in a tale of 'what ifs'


The (10-17) Washington Mystics lost to the (23-5) Minnesota Lynx by six.

The spread was 12, so clearly the Styx were competitive.

The Good News

Newcomer Leilani Mitchell had some nice moments. She had 13 points and showed why Coach Mike Thibault picked her up after the Olympics.

The Bad News

Everything else.

Tayler Hill was 5-of-22. Only Leilani Mitchell had more than 10 attempts in the game with 11. Hill played like she was on an absolute island. I am not sure why she thinks she is Maya Moore, but she is not.

Tierra Ruffin Pratt was zero for ONE shot, and five fouls. What the heck is going on with her ?

Natasha Cloud went 3-of-10.

Emma Meesseman was 4-of-9 and had roughly 3 touches in the second half. She had five rebounds, three steals and two blocks, but no one was bothering to look for her. I was yelling at my Chromecast. No one heard me.

The Neutral News

My dog, Lulu, who is 9 and has been sick, had a good day. : ) So happy to see the light in her eyes again. But the Mystics looked like they were struggling to remember who they were.

The Storm and Wings lost tonight and the Sun won. So the Mystics are still right in the thick of things for the eighth playoff spot. The loss was not a curtain call by any means with seven games left in the regular season.

But I have to say that this game was not Mystics' basketball. Sure, they didn't get blown out, but they have owned the Lynx and should have won regardless of 'records' .

This says it all:

Really frustrating. I am well aware that we have new players that Coach T is trying to get the best out of, but sometimes as a fan, it is hard to see the rationale.

I will have the pleasure of seeing the Mystics play live next week - I will be in town for the Storm and Sky games - but please lord, do not let Hill shoot 22 times. They will have to cut the broadcast short because of the hysterical lady in the stands losing her cool.