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Mystics vs. Sun final score: Copper shines but Washington loses season finale, 87-78

A lot of strong efforts today, but it just wasn’t enough.

Washington Mystics swingman Kahleah Copper drives to the basket Ned Dishman, NBA/Getty Images

The Washington Mystics (13-21) lost to the Connecticut Sun (14-20) in a meaningless home game to cap off the season. Not meaningless in terms of lottery position. The Mystics are now third worst in the league this season, which should make some fans happy if you are banking on them missing the postseason again next season. Definitely more on that aspect to come.

The Bad News

The Styx season has come to an end. No postseason this year along with the loss makes for an eerily silent send off. We will definitely take the opportunity in the off season to dissect some of the issues that lead to this disappointing ending. But I am fascinated by the development of this team, and expect some interesting moves from Coach and GM Mike Thibault.

The Good News

Every time Kahleah Copper shows up, everything seems to be a little less panic-y in terms of the ‘long-run’ for the Styx. Coach Thibault did a great job of scouting and scooping her under the radar. Her 15 points and 7 rebounds tonight just reinforce that feeling.

Emma Meesseman many not be on everyone’s radar, but being featured in the Wall St. Journal as a top shooter in the WNBA is a step in the right direction, as well. Managing 18 points, six rebounds and four assists with an elbow situation tonight, is just what we have come to expect from Meesse and what she delivered.

Tayler Hill’s new-found assertiveness has both been refreshing and confounding. We will talk about it more, but I hope that she gets some playing time overseas. If she can get her shooting up to 40% the Mystics will have no trouble managing the playoffs next year.

Stef Dolson has had a couple nice games to end the season. Seeing her dominate certainly reminds fans of why she was an All-Star last season, but her game was soft this year, and that was an immense problem. I expect to see some changes over the winter.

All in all, in what was a very difficult season, the Mystics almost made the playoffs.

Right behind the star-studded Phoenix Mercury. Even super teams in the association have to fight just to make it to a one-and-done playoff game in the new format instated this year.

Had this system been in effect last year, the Mystics would have advanced to the second round by beating the Liberty in the first game in double overtime.

Okay, that was my non sequitur to end the season. : )


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